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Digital Essentials: How To Understand What Digital Customers Really Want From You

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Practical and jargon-free, this workshop will highlight simple and effective tools and tactics on how to gather useful customer intelligence and use the data to inform your two most important activities:

1. Digital marketing and attracting the right prospects

2. Digital customer service and converting prospects into champions

Joined in delivery by Pascal Fintoni – a professional trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience in digital marketing and online business development across a range of sectors. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Pascal will teach you how to:

– Appeal to the right customers for your business and create your ideal customer profiles

– Use simple yet powerful online solutions to research and record your customers’ preferences

– Convert all that information into a practical action plan and design the best digital customer experience

Join DigitalCity on Tuesday 19 October to have all your questions answered and get your customers truly engaged!

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