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Innovate for profit

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  • Venue: Fusion Hive

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Do you want to generate profitable new business ideas?

This free, easy to understand workshop will give you some simple approaches to generating profitable new business ideas. This session will:

  • Help you generate ideas that are natural extensions of your business and therefore be easier and quicker to develop – rapidly increasing your profits
  • Give you advice on how to access funding to develop your new business ideas
  • Provide coaching on how to generate ideas continuously, making your company “future proof” and able to cope with new and unexpected developments
  • Improve your problem solving skills to minimise risk and maximise your opportunities
  • Rekindle your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial flair to break the glass ceiling and shatter the mind sets holding your company back

Innovate Tees Valley has funding to help you take your business innovation idea forward, overcome growth barriers and seek success both here and overseas.

“I recently attended the Excalibur workshops. found it an extremely useful way to create ideas and also to evaluate ideas with respect to how easy they would be to put into place.

We are still looking at a few different ideas and at least one of those is something we intend to put into place in the near future.

Paul Johnson, Managing Director

Johnson Partners Ltd

Innovate Tees Valley is a part-funded service available to Tees Valley SME’s with fewer than 250 staff and with an annual turnover no greater than €50 per annum.