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Forrest Digital branches out with new appointment amid growth plans

1st October 2018

Stockton-based digital consultancy firm, Forrest Digital, has welcomed new blood to the team as part of the company’s push for growth in 2018. Isaac Sharp, a recent graduate from Teesside University has joined the team as a Digital Marketing Executive in an effort to increase the company’s marketing capacity. Forrest Digital is a specialist in digital strategy, including SEO and Google Ads and in the last year has helped numerous companies increase sales throughout the UK and Europe. Isaac said: “The learning I undertook at university has complimented my own learning and I’m now able to apply it to a real-world marketing scenario. University was great for introducing me to Google Analytics which is a key tool that I use in this job. Certainly, the fundamentals of marketing will always be of use and now I’m able to analyse data for real clients. It’s great fun seeing the same kinds of numbers and statistics I was looking at before but on a much larger scale. I’m now looking at tens of thousands instead of hundreds. I want to use this opportunity to learn as much about the business and find my strengths to focus on to help build a sustainable career and to make Forrest Digital as successful as I can.”

Since its inception in 2003, Forrest Digital has seen year-on-year growth and is aiming to increase turnover to £250k in 2018. Iain Forrest, Managing Director of Forrest Digital, said: “Initially the gap in the business that we were looking to fill was primarily focused on analytics. The way that we operate, we don’t just send users to a client’s website and hope for the best, we make sure from the outset what is important to the client ensuring we have a system in place that is capable of measuring that. Isaac was brought in to expand that area of the business and our capacity and abilities and to take us in new directions. I hope he can find his own place with us and grow to be the best he can be.”

As part of the company’s growth plans, Forrest has taken on Isaac as a new Digital Marketing Executive and stepped up its professional development programme with existing Executive Steph Shenava obtaining a new qualification from the Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM). Steph, said: “I was already undertaking a qualification with the IDM when they introduced a new GDPR segment to the course. It connects perfectly with our work with Google Ads as you need to have up-to-date privacy policies on your website. It’s great for us when we’re working with new and existing clients as it demonstrates we’re knowledgeable about the latest laws affecting the industry and can suggest practical, compliant solutions to the kinds of challenges posed by GDPR. Unfortunately, most of the sites we audit still fall down on how they gain consent for the use of cookie data amongst other things. GDPR is about more than email subscription management and this message doesn’t seem to have completely got through yet. In addition to the IDM award I take the Google Partner exams annually which gives me accreditations in the different networks Google operates in to demonstrate our expertise. As a digital marketer, the industry can change on a monthly basis. If we didn’t continue to learn we would be left behind in a competitive market.”

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