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Stockton drone specialists land in Trinidad and Tobago office

22nd September 2017

A drone company based in Stockton has opened its first international office in Trinidad and Tobago.

Rectrix Drone Services has built a sizeable customer base since its launch in 2014, providing inspection, surveying and cinematography solutions to companies in a diverse range of sectors, from oil and gas, utilities, emergency response and construction.

The team, led by business development director Chris Young, 31, and founder Alex Westwood, 21, has launched a satellite arm on the Caribbean islands to service numerous sectors in the region but primarily the thriving oil and gas industry.

The Rectrix team flew in three staff from the islands to train at its Stockton base in the digital technology hub, Fusion Hive.

Chris explained: “Our services are designed to reduce the need for people to work at height, in confined spaces or otherwise hazardous locations. With added benefits of cost reduction and efficiency savings.

“The Trinidad and Tobago office is just the first part of our international expansion, and now we’re looking to expand through partnerships in other countries.

“Bringing the staff over to our Stockton office was great. Fusion Hive is the perfect base for us to grow from with a wealth of digital expertise on the doorstep, the support of Teesside University and great transport links.

“We’re proud to take the Stockton name with us around the world as we offer this technology and expertise.”

Rectrix has also worked with numerous ‘blue chip’ international companies where it has used drones to provide actionable data to enhance the safety and efficiency of their client’s operations.

Chris added: “What we do varies from client to client because we use drone technology to meet challenges, and therefore each piece of work is unique.

“Typically we help companies with land and building surveying, volumetric analysis, and inspection of difficult to reach assets.

“Our pilots are trained to the highest industry standards and we operate with permission for commercial operation (PfCO) from the regulator Civil Aviation Authority.”

Trinidad and Tobago is the Caribbean’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, being located near substantial crude oil reserves.

Rectrix has already tapped into that market, and is now looking for other applications for its technology.

Chris and the team think drones will become more commonplace in emergency response situations for blue light organisations and are helping public and private clients with drone services, sales and consultancy.